Thursday, November 09, 2006

ReviewMe Goes Live

There is a whole new dimension emerging in online advertising that allows bloggers to generate some income by reviewing other sites. The new site on the market that captures this in full capacity after is Review Me.

Review Me allows advertisers to choose from several blogs submitted by the publishers. The advertisers can see information about the blogs like their user rankings, alexa ranking, technorati details, and the recent posts the blogger has participated in.

The site has a promising future because it simulates the link buying and buzz creating process the way google loves it. By that I mean when the blogger is posting the review he is likely to give a natural link to the site with proper keywords around it.

It is a great new source of revenue for bloggers because it allows them to make some money from the actual posts in addition to the ads they show on their blogs. If the bloggers do a good job in the review they will get higher ratings from the advertisers and in turn get more orders.

Since just launched recently it will take a little while for the opportunities to arrive for the bloggers but once it all sets in could become a great addition to sites that currently rely on contextual advertisers like Google Adsense.