Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Short Jokes

Well it's finally autumn in Los Angeles. It’s the time where the leaves turn red--because they're on fire! Short Jokes. Really Funny Jokes

These fires! Earlier today, I saw a guy selling maps to where the stars homes used to be.
The firemen called today and said they were able to save your crops. I don’t know what that means. "Joke of the Day"

The fires in the valley, it like they started all at once. All over the valley. You don’t think this is part of the government's war on pornography, did you ever think of that?

On MSNBC the other night, Alabama State Senator Hank Erwin said he believes the hurricanes that hit New Orleans were sent by God to punish people for sin, gambling and wickedness. That's crazy, God doesn't send hurricanes to punish people - he sends FEMA. Short Jokes. Really Funny Jokes

Well there’s a new hurricane that hit Mexico on this past Saturday. The good news, nobody had to evacuate because they’re already here. "Joke of the Day"

Rumor has it that President Bush has started drinking again. Do you know what that means...all the decisions he’s made up until now...he’s been sober. "Joke of the Day"

According to "People” magazine, Lance Armstrong paid $10,000 for his dog to have open heart surgery. The dog is a 9-year-old yellow lab named Cheney! Short Jokes. Really Funny Jokes

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